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Coffee pods from BOSECO™ for Nespresso machines

BOSECO® Coffee Pods

Are a charge of vigor, good spirits, and energy for the whole day. A collection of different flavors will surely impress the pickiest gourmets. Belgian coffee of the highest quality will awaken all your dormant gustatory sensations. 

Boseco invests all its love and care in the production of this invigorating nectar. Each capsule carries a touch of sunny Asia and the energy of Latin America. The beans are carefully selected to make sure you will enjoy the best ingredients.

How We Make Coffee in Pods

How We Make Coffee in Pods

Before offering our customers capsule delights, we conduct a meticulous selection of raw materials that are grown in environmentally pristine areas. Our third-wave coffee is naturally processed and fermented, so it gets the best flavor properties under medium roast conditions.

Ground coffee is immediately packed in a capsule, so it doesn't lose its aroma and flavor properties. A combination of the right processing technology, terroir, and genetics contribute to an unforgettable flavor appreciated by our long-term customers.

Organic Coffee Capsules from BOSECO™

BOSECO® Coffee Pods: Advantages

Coffee in pods is not only a convenient solution. This product is also affordable, environmentally friendly, and delicious! What makes Boseco capsules special? The answer is very simple:

  • careful selection of beans, blending varieties to produce
  • a wide diversity of flavors;
    a rich flavor that lifts your spirits and creates inner harmony;
  • a wide range of flavor combinations, blended and mono varieties of Arabica and Robusta.

We are committed to naturality and sustainability, so we have designed compostable packaging that decomposes quickly without littering the environment.

BOSECO® Pods: Portfolio

Our collection features a wide variety of flavors. There are sets with different combinations of products, as well as mono offers. Here are just a few items that enjoy the greatest popularity among coffee gourmets:

  • Amaretto - 100% Arabica with notes of apricot, vanilla, almond, and spices;
  • Brauni - a combination of rich coffee taste, bitter dark chocolate flavor, and a mild hazelnut touch;
  • Brazil - a coffee treat with chocolate and nutty notes, and a caramel touch that leaves a gentle aftertaste;
  • Congo - Congolese varieties of coffee with hints of raisins, citrus, and berries;
  • Creme Brulee - creamy flavor complemented by soft caramel and vanilla.

More than two dozen other delectable flavor blends are ready to delight you and become your favorites at home and the office.

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Compostable coffee pods compatible with nespresso organic biodegradable

Сoffee Pods Compostable

BOSECO® capsules are biodegradable, CO2 -neutral, and exceptionally oxygen-tight.

The main raw materials used are starch, glucose, vegetable fibers, inorganic filler materials, and biodegradable additives.

This makes BOSECO® pods entirely GMO-, gluten-free, and vegan.

Compostable Coffee Pods
Coffee pods subscription compatible with Nespresso

Coffee Pods Subscription

Coffee every day - no problem!

Subscription! Choose how often you want to get coffee pods and get a 20% discount on every order!
You can change the coffee delivery date and cancel the order at any time.

Coffee Pods Subscription

Testimonials about coffee pods BOSECO

  • ★★★★★

    It was a real discovery for me!

    I liked the large selection of coffee pods, you can really experiment.

    In a large selection, there is also a disadvantage - a lot of time to compare all the tastes. But I'm happy!

    Daniel Wright

  • ★★★★★

    Now I can drink coffee that I like, and not that is in demand among my guests and family - for them I buy classical coffee pods, and I justlove caramel from the dessert coffee collection, I have never seen such apleasant aroma anywhere.

    Emmy Chorro

  • ★★★★★

    Once you see the packaging of coffee, it immediately becomes clear - the guys love their job! Looks great, fits my kitchen, and adds a bit of design. I happy that they are using Compostable coffee pods, good thing that they care for the environment.

    Constantine Carter

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