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Classic Coffee

The number of coffee lovers is rapidly increasing with every day passing by. This is one of the most sought-after and in-demand products in the world. Baristas do their best to come up with new blends and recipes to impress and please coffee drinkers. Nevertheless, there is still a great number of people who prefer classic coffee.
It is for them that BOSECO offers classic coffee pods with traditional flavors.

  • Red rim on Espresso Classico Coffee Pods from BOSECO™

    Espresso Classico

    Espresso Classico is for those who prefer mild arabica with a somewhat sweet taste and authentic acidity. This coffee is nice to drink in the morning to get a portion of energy for the whole day.


  • Brown rim on capsules Espresso Intenso Coffee Pods from BOSECO™

    Espresso Intenso

    If you love strong coffee, we suggest Espresso Intenso, an ideal blend of 85% Arabica and 15% Robusta. The cup of coffee brewed with this capsule has a deep flavor and excellent aroma.


  • Blue rim on capsules Lungo Intenso Coffee Pods from BOSECO™

    Lungo Intenso

    The most popular coffee types produced in Latin America and Southeast Asia. A beverage brewed with these capsules will delight you with its rich flavor and distinct acidity.


  • Grey rim on Lungo Decaffeinated Coffe Pods from BOSECO™

    Lungo Decaffeinato

    The capsules do not contain caffeine but they have an excellent mild flavor of 100% Arabica. This flawless beverage is virtually indistinguishable from a classic espresso.


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Classic is always classic

A classic is always a classic

If you are just embarking on the path of a true coffee connoisseur and still not sure what your preferences are, it is a good idea to experiment and taste each of the Classic coffee varieties offered by BOSECO. You are sure to find your favorite flavor to enjoy its richness every day.

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