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Coffee Pods Variety Packs from BOSECO™

Coffee Pods Variety Packs

Coffee lovers become increasingly interested in coffee pods. Their use makes it possible to keep the coffee machine clean, while the freshness and richness of the drink are preserved. The pod is enough to brew one cup of coffee. However, it is necessary to have a special coffee machine. A coffee pod should be inserted into the machine for brewing. One touch of the button will make sure that a cup of the drink and a portion of good spirits are ready in a matter of seconds. The pods are packed in sets based on coffee varieties.

Features of Coffee Pods Variety Packs from BOSECO™

Features of Coffee Pods Variety Packs

Coffee pods are available in sets. The sets have various quantities of products: 10, 40 and 50 units per set. Each package has the following data:
type of coffee in pods;
country of origin of the coffee beans;
quantity of product;
presence of additives;
flavor profile;
manufacturer's brand.

The brand takes care of its reputation and produces coffee pods in packs with a custom distinctive design. Limited series dedicated to important events, famous personalities, and holidays are also in demand.

Properties of Coffee Pods from BOSECO™

Properties of Pods

Each pod pack coffee contains natural, high-quality ground coffee. The pods are made of natural, safe materials that protect the content from moisture. Such coffee has a longer shelf life compared to the classic versions.
Immediately after roasting and grinding, the coffee is packed into the compostable coffee pods, which guarantees maximum airtightness and extends the service life of the coffee machine.
The perfect cup of coffee starts with the finest products. The use of capsules combines the purest and tastiest varieties of beans, rich flavor, authenticity, advanced technology, and freshness, which are accentuated by stylish, original, and elegant packaging.

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