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Coffee Pod Subscription by BOSECO™

Coffee Pod Subscription

Coffee is a favorite drink of many people around the world. Every morning it is brewed both by coffee drinkers in their homes and offices to refresh, boost their spirits, and improve their performance. If you are one of those people who enjoy this savory drink every day, then the coffee pod subscription is the perfect choice for you. It will help you to refill your stock of coffee pods on a regular basis without wasting precious time on ordering.

Coffee Subscription by BOSECO™

Coffee Subscription by BOSECO: Terms and Features

The BOSECO subscription offers you the possibility to enjoy a delightful and rich flavor of coffee on a daily basis. To subscribe, you need to go to the company's official website and sign up for it. Then choose a suitable product from the list, as well as the delivery option (every 2, 4, 6, or 8 weeks). As soon as you finish placing your order, your subscription will be activated. It has no expiration date, so it will be active until you yourself want to change the product or buy it another way.
It is also possible to get a subscription using a different process. Having placed your first order, you will receive a special "Confirmation of purchase of your recurring order from BOSECO" via email. If you are interested in regular orders of this type of coffee, you can click on "Manage subscriptions" and edit the details.
Users will be able to view four main sections in their personal area :
management of upcoming shipments;
subscription management;
payment information management;
edit delivery address.
The first section enables the customer to change the date, quantity of items, and delivery frequency. The second section helps the customer to edit an existing subscription: change the items, order it right away, cancel the subscription, etc. The third section is there to update credit card or billing address information. And the last one offers to add or change the delivery address. Users can also view a summary of past purchases.

Coffee Capsule Subscription: Key Advantages

Coffee Capsule Subscription: Key Advantages

The BOSECO Coffee Capsule Subscription is a simple way to avoid the hassle that can overwhelm a person when it is required to re-order regularly consumed items time and again. Thanks to the subscription, there is no need to enter the delivery details and choose the preferred coffee variety every time. Customers will receive their coffee on a regular basis within the agreed time frame. Moreover, the cost will be 20% less than in the case of a regular purchase. Registered users will be able to save both time and a significant amount of money. Furthermore, they will be able to participate in a bonus program, which will also provide them with exclusive discounts.

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