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Variety coffee pods BOSECO™

Variety coffee pods

Every coffee lover knows that the beverage made from beans grown in different parts of our planet has a unique taste. So the company BOSECO offers its customers to take a coffee trip around the world with a variety coffee pods.

  • Green rim on Colombian Coffee Pods from BOSECO™


    You will be able to appreciate the taste of arabica from high-altitude plantations in Colombia. Coffee connoisseurs prefer Colombian coffee for its original acidity and light fruity aftertaste.


  • Red rim on Brazil Coffee Pods from BOSECO™


    BOSECO offers to taste authentic coffee from Brazil for connoisseurs of arabica coffee with a soft velvet flavor. The drinks based on this coffee varietal can cheer up and maintain tonus during the day.


  • Blue rim on Congo Coffee Pods from BOSECO™


    The rich and dense taste of coffee from Congo will impress fans of authentic espresso. A bitter and strong coffee by BOSECO gives a feeling of liveliness in the morning.


  • Purple rim on Ethiopia Coffee Pods from BOSECO™


    Try a drink made from beans grown in the motherland of coffee. You will appreciate the unmatched flavor of 100% Arabica BOSECO Ethiopia with light hazelnut notes and acidity typical of this variety.


  • Green rim on India Coffee Pods from BOSECO™


    The climate of India is unique and has a remarkable effect on coffee trees growing in this region. Try BOSECO India coffee to feel this beverage's spicy burnt taste and join the beautiful country's culture.


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Enjoy coffee from BOSECO™

Enjoy coffee from BOSECO

Enjoy experimenting with a variety of coffee pods from the BOSECO online store. You will find your favorite varietal here and get to know the coffee traditions of different countries on our planet. And if you want more, you can always take advantage of our other offers and try something new.

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