A little about us

Interesting Facts:

- The founders of the company are Ukrainians with Korean roots. If you didn't know, there is a Korean diaspora in Ukraine. These are the descendants of Koreans forcibly deported by the Stalinist regime in 1937, compactly living in the Far East of the Soviet Union.

- The company was born in Ukraine and started its activities there.

- In 2018, the company went public and chose the United States as its place of registration, settling in Silicon Valley.

- The company has chosen the UK market as its main field of activity.

Is this not a manifestation of real cosmopolitanism?


  • Kostyantyn Yun

    CEO & Co-Founder
    Wise and cheerful founder of the company.

    Successfully launched BOSECO coffee company in Ukraine.

    He created and headed an international holding company headquartered in California.

    He chose England for the company's further development, as he loves this country very much and wants to share his product first with the British.

    Created a unique enterprise that is directly related to coffee - a mobile electric coffee shop, which will soon appear in all cities of the world:


    He is always ready for everything new and technological.

  • Alexander Struk

    CEO Retail
    Successful CEO with vast experience.

    He headed large companies related to electronic equipment, export, and import.

    Cheerful, purposeful, and responsible leader.

    He is always ready for new challenges and difficulties, which he effortlessly overcomes with his perseverance and perseverance.

    Open to proposals for development in the UK market.

  • Alexander Mazchenko

    He is an experienced Internet marketing specialist with many projects under his belt.

    He knows how to do everything - that’s what the bosses say. But not sure :)

    If you are tired of our advertising on the Internet, you are not satisfied with promotions and mailings, then feel free to “throw stones” at this guy.

    Cheerful and hardworking “computer” person.

    Always open to proposals for cooperation, collaborations, and any activities in the World Wide Web space.

  • Anastasiia Matiunina


    She is a charming head of the department for working with you ;)

    If you ask a question, write a message on social networks or email us - know that you are talking with her.

    Anastasia is an expert in BOSECO products. She will always answer all your questions and solve any difficulties.

Feel free to contact us. We are always in touch.